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Why NY Wedding Photo Booth Rentals Is The Hottest 2012 Wedding Trend

Why NY Wedding Photo Booth Rentals Is The Hottest 2012 Wedding Trend Have you seen the 2011 smash hit movie Bridesmaids? The opening screen for the movie depicts the cast in photo booth photo strips (watch the changing photos – they’ll make you laugh out loud). Why did the producer of Bridesmaids choose this? Because photo booth rentals is the current hottest wedding reception trend. Celebrities Leading The Wedding Photo Booth Rental Trend Did you know celebrities all over the […]

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Prom Photo Booth Rental

Prom Photo Booth Rental – The Best Prom Idea Ever! Are you planning your high school’s prom dance? Have you considered a photo booth rental as the perfect way to jazz up this incredibly special event? Prom night usually features formal photographers, which certainly serve an honorable purpose. Professional photographers take those stilted pictures we all save forever, but do those photographs really capture the fun of prom? The excitement of prom? The social aspect of prom? Photo booths capture […]

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Ellen Degeneres Photo Booth Photo Strips In Commercial

Does Ellen Degeneres love photo booth photo strips as much as we do? Are you an Ellen fan? In this commercial, Beyonce tells Ellen Degeneres to have “her people call my people”. As Ellen wanders through her office spaces in search of her “people”, she finds an office manager who has decorated his office space with photo booth photo strips, which he has blown up to 8” by 11” inch prints. Check out the commercial, and take a close look […]

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Awesome Photo Booth Poses

Are you renting a photo booth for your next big event? Need ideas for photo booth poses? Renting a photo booth puts the fun in your party. The wackier and more creative your guests get with the photo booth, the more fun everyone will have. Ask about our photo booth rental prop boxes and add props of your own to make the party a blast.  Make sure the party gets started with a bang by posting these ideas for photo […]

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Using Framed Photo Booth Photo Strips As Wedding Party Favors

New York City Photo Booth Rental – Make The Best Wedding Party Favors Did you know a photo booth rental provides you with much more than a fun-packed party filled with giggles? Photo booth photo strips are the perfect party favors, which means you’ll get more than just the entertainment factor. You’ll also get party favors and mementos to help your guests remember the great time they had while at your event. Best Wedding Party Favors – Framed Photo Booth […]

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