Awesome Photo Booth Poses

Are you renting a photo booth for your next big event? Need ideas for photo booth poses?

Renting a photo booth puts the fun in your party. The wackier and more creative your guests get with the photo booth, the more fun everyone will have. Ask about our photo booth rental prop boxes and add props of your own to make the party a blast.

 Make sure the party gets started with a bang by posting these ideas for photo booth poses:

Goofy smile – the bigger the better

Tongue out, eyes squinty

Crossed eyes, bottle tipped to lips


Top hat on, sober face, big fat cigar in hand, fake mustache optional

Tipping top hat

Pulling something out of the top hat – ain’t you magical?


Bride and groom posing sweetly

Bride and groom smooching

Bride and groom making out


Double funky chicken act, eyes crossed for the both of you

“Peace, man” sign

“Gangster in the house” pose


Sunglasses on, pretending to drive

Pretty girl hitchhiking, thumbs up

Pretty girl with knife at your throat, sunglasses askew, you looking desperate


Feather boas draped, sunglasses on, smiles everyone

Tip faces forward, pull down sunglasses to peer over them

Sexily apply lipstick in fake mirror


A couple gals doing the Macarena dance

Same gals doing the next move in the dance

Same gals doing a final move from the dance


Two guys back to back in booth, arms crossed, tough guy looks

Guys facing each other, pretending to deliver knock out punches

Both guys slumped over, eyes crossed

Use Your Imagination – And Let Us At Ovation Photo Booth Rental Help You Discover Some Fun Photo Booth Poses

Of course this is by no means a comprehensive list of photo booth poses, but at least you’ll have some ideas for starters. Start compiling a prop box full of interesting an unique costumes and props for your party. Check out costume stores and thrift stores for fun props.

Enjoy your Long Island photo booth rental – you’ll be thrilled to discover how much a photo booth rental will make your event a success!


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