Fall Party Dessert and Entertainment Ideas (Top Choice: Rent a Photo Booth in NYC)

Fall Party Dessert and Entertainment Ideas (Top Choice: Rent a Photo Booth in NYC)

In the fall, there are so many great desserts that people love. Liven up your fall party with some great fall party desserts, and then plan some awesome entertainment that keeps your guests laughing and playing all night long.

Pumpkin Fall Dessert Ideas

There are countless ways to serve pumpkin as a dessert in the fall. We will talk about a few different desserts that have pumpkin that may be a new twist on a fall favorite.

  1. Pumpkin pie with cranberry topping
  2. Maple pumpkin custard
  3. Pumpkin squares with cream cheese frosting
  4. Pumpkin cheesecake
  5. Pumpkin squares with caramel sauce
  6. Pumpkin ice cream pie
  7. Pumpkin bread with cranberry cream cheese

 Apple Fall Dessert Ideas

More great desserts for the fall include those with apples in them.

  1. Caramel apple pie
  2. Apple blossom tart
  3. Applesauce cake
  4. Apple dumplings with ice cream
  5. Caramel apples
  6. Swedish apple pie
  7. Spiral apple tart

Other Fall Dessert Ideas

Some fun fall desserts are those that help you out with your fall party theme. If you are having a football party, there are desserts that can be made for that such as a football field cake or football themed cupcakes. A harvest theme party would be nice with a scare crow cookie, leaf shaped cookie or a cranberry upside down cake. Halloween also is a great time of year to host a party and find ghoulish desserts that are shaped like fingers, bat shaped cookies, bat cupcakes or Halloween cake pops.

When you are planning your fall party, consider who is coming and what types of desserts they will like. If you are having a kids’ party, you will want to stick with basic fun kid desserts like cake, cookies or caramel apples. Adults like to try new twists on desserts, so you would be safe trying something like a pumpkin cheesecake with cranberries or a pumpkin meringue pie! There are so many great ideas, so get creative and wow your party guests!

Fall Party Entertainment Ideas (Top Choice: Rent a Photo Booth in NYC)

Once you’ve got your party menu figured out, you’ll want to think about entertainment options. As a photo booth rental company, we know that photo booth rentals have jumped in popularity, becoming one of the most frequently booked forms of entertainment. Contact Ovation Photo Booth Rental to get details on how to rent a photo booth in NYC and what many features we offer.


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