New York City Photo Booth Rentals for Winter Weddings

New York City Photo Booth Rentals for Winter Weddings

It’s not that often that you hear of a couple planning a winter wedding. The truth is, winter weddings can be so beautiful and just as enjoyable as a spring, summer or fall wedding. We will talk about the benefits and ideas of winter weddings and how to keep your guests entertained. You might even want to take a look at New York City photo booth rentals for winter weddings.

New York City Winter Weddings: What Makes a Winter Wedding Great

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons to have a wedding, but winter weddings are so beautiful. With the potential for snow, you can really enjoy the gorgeous glittering white backdrop for your special day. Not only that, but the cooler temperatures definitely make wearing a tux more tolerable. Not to mention you will be able to dance longer without getting so hot. Some great color themes for winter weddings are pure white with silver, blue and white, gold and white or white with deep red. Add winter themed decorations like snowflakes with glitter or for a more natural theme, use pine cones with other natural accents.

Entertaining and Favors for a Winter Wedding in New York City

Since weather is obviously colder in the winter and less predictable, it makes sense that the activities for the wedding will all be indoors. Finding great music, either a DJ or a live band that fits your music taste. Thinking about favors should also be on your list. If you’re at a loss, think about renting a photo booth. It will take care of both entertaining the guests and providing wedding favors at the same time.

New York City Photo Booth Rentals: Where to Find Them

When you are looking for the best and highest quality photo booths around, don’t hesitate to contact Ovation Photo Booth Rental. We will help you find the perfect New York City photo booth rentals for winter weddings.


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