NYC Corporate Event Photo Booth Rentals

NYC Corporate Event Photo Booth Rentals

Why are NYC corporate event photo booth rentals so popular right now? Because corporations are realizing that employees and clients alike enjoy quality entertainment.

Planning a NYC Corporate Event or Trade Show? Add a NYC Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental to Your Event Plans

Trade shows, company parties, corporate launches, conventions and other large-scale corporate events all have one thing in common: they need to entertain large masses of people. You know you need good food, top notch accommodations, trinkets (or gift bags), but did you come up with a way to get people to interact, relax and get to know each other?

Photo booths make people smile and relax. They work as excellent ice breakers, especially in an environment where people need to get to know each other and overcome social barriers.

Most corporate events find the photo booth to be a fun addition to receptions, entrance or exit areas, or as a part of general assembly area, where people will be milling around, looking for something to do. By giving your employees or attendees at a conference something to do, you will relieve them of that pressure to make small talk and search for ways to pass the time. You’ll alleviate boredom and stress, making your corporate event a much more pleasant and memorable experience.

How to Make the Best Use of a NYC Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental

Our photo booths come in several sizes, including the King and the Jumbo King size. These larger photo booths can accommodate up to six people at a time, making them perfect for group shots. Try using the photo booth as a team-building exercise (to take hilarious or silly group shots) or as a way to create fun, company-branded memorabilia. For example, you could have each team take photos in the booth or create fun videos in the booth, which will be branded with your company’s logo and can be kept as keepsakes.

Our photo booth rentals come with an attendant and delivery service, so they are hassle-free.

Book a NYC Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental

Contact Ovation Photo Booth at 516-334-9090 for a quote on a NYC corporate event photo booth rental today!

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