NYC New Year’s Eve Party Planning Guide

NYC New Year’s Eve Party Planning Guide


This year, you want to make your big New Year’s Eve party even better. Maybe you have some ideas. Or maybe you are stuck and are having trouble coming up with fresh new NYE party planning ideas. Creativity is key in throwing the best New Year’s Eve party this year. The more creative you are, the better chance you have to keep your guests engaged and entertained. Read this to find out more about a NYC New Year’s Eve party planning guide.


NYC New Year’s Eve Party Planning Guide: Menu Ideas


Some may be aiming to save some money on this year’s party, while others might go all out. These menu ideas will help you plan a budget friendly party that your big group can still enjoy.


  1. Have guests bring something to contribute
    1. Either an appetizer, main dish or a dessert to share
  2. Serve champagne as sangria
    1. Offering champagne in this way will
  3. After midnight, offer a baked potato bar
    1. Baked potatoes, bacon, cheese, chives, sour cream, jalepenos, chili and anything you can think of
  4. An ice cream sundae bar for dessert
    1. Simple vanilla or chocolate ice cream with various toppings


NYC New Year’s Eve Party Planning Guide: Entertainment Ideas


So, you are having a party again this year. Did you notice anything about last year’s party? What worked and what didn’t work to entertain your guests? You might be drawing a blank on fun ideas to keep your guests having a fun time. Here are a few ideas.


  1. Ask your guests to bring a fun noisemaker
    1. Have a contest for the “wildest noisemaker”
    2. Give a small prize for the winner
  2. Guests bring their favorite game
    1. A board game or a fun group video game to play
  3. Create an internet music channel to play fun party songs
  4. Rent a photo booth


Rent a Photo Booth in NYC for NYC New Year’s Eve Party


If you think your New Year’s Eve party would be more fun with a photo booth, let us at Ovation Photo Booth Rental know. We can set you up with a great photo booth rental for your party this year. We hope you can use some of the tips in our NYC New Year’s Eve party planning guide.


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