Outdoor Party Ideas (Book a Queens Photo Booth Rental)

Outdoor Party Ideas (Book a Queens Photo Booth Rental)

Are you excited to throw a fun outdoor party this summer for all your friends? Outdoor parties can be such a blast and are made even more fun with the right decorations, music and entertainment. There are lots of fun new outdoor party ideas like booking a Queens photo booth rental.

Outdoor Party Ideas: Party Themes

Adult outdoor party ideas and themes:


  1. Wine tasting
    1. Cheese and wine with purple and bright green decorations
    2. Luau theme
      1. Everyone wears a Hawaiian shirt
      2. Make tropical drinks and food
      3. Football season kickoff theme
        1. Each guest wears clothing from their football team
        2. Everyone brings their favorite unique beer to share

Kid appropriate outdoor party ideas and themes:

  1. Summer fun games
    1. Hopscotch, jump rope, slip and slide, squirt gun fight, kick the can, leapfrog, tag, red rover and more.
    2. Picnic style food with mini sandwiches, fruit kabobs and other fun snacks
    3. Camp out theme
      1. Set up a safe bon fire (use a fire pit)
      2. Roast hot dogs and make s’mores
      3. Each child brings a sleeping bag, pillow, pajamas and their favorite stories to read around the fire

Themes for all ages:

  1. Barbeque
    1. Cook out kabobs, steaks, chicken, hot dogs, brats, vegetables or anything that will suit your guests
    2. Each guest brings a side dish or dessert
    3. Red and white decorations with fresh flowers on the tables
    4. Garden party
      1. Afternoon tea in the garden or an evening in an enchanted garden
      2. Serve fresh cold foods with hot and cold tea
      3. Have fun fancy desserts (macaroons, scones, tea cakes etc.)

Plan Entertainment for Your Outdoor Party (Queens Photo Booth Rental)

Depending on what theme you choose, you have to find the appropriate entertainment. Games are fun, but what is even more unique is renting a photo booth for your fun outdoor party.

Why Book a Queens Photo Booth Rental?

The number one reason to rent a Queens photo booth is that it will keep your guests entertained the entire party. Watch your guests let loose and have a fantastic time in our state-of-the-art photo booths that come with a helpful professional attendant. Contact Ovation Photo Booth Rental to book yours today. Grab some fun for your outdoor party ideas by booking a Queens photo booth rental.



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