Prom Photo Booth Rental

Prom Photo Booth Rental – The Best Prom Idea Ever!

Are you planning your high school’s prom dance? Have you considered a photo booth rental as the perfect way to jazz up this incredibly special event?

Prom night usually features formal photographers, which certainly serve an honorable purpose. Professional photographers take those stilted pictures we all save forever, but do those photographs really capture the fun of prom? The excitement of prom? The social aspect of prom?

Photo booths capture exactly that! Teenagers love the fact that they get to combine their grown up, elegantly dressed selves and their silly, goofy, ridiculous selves as they pose in the photo booths. It’s the perfect combination of class and laughter.

Photo booths now offer tons of features the old retro photo booths never had. You can personalize the photo strips to say your school’s name and logo on them, or you can use photo booth software to add crazy backgrounds. Our photo booth rentals offer boxes of fun props that will help the teens think of funny poses to strike while in the photo booth (as if teenagers didn’t have enough crazy ideas already). You can save photos from the booth for an end of the year slide show or to make into keepsake DVDs for the kids to buy along with their yearbooks.

Long Island Prom Photo Booth Rentals Gain Popularity

This new trend is sweeping schools in the New York and New Jersey area as more and more schools are realizing how much fun it is to let the kids pose in photo booths. This innocent form of fun can easily be monitored by a chaperone and offers the kids hours of entertainment. Rent a photo booth for your prom and watch the teens line up. You’ll wish you’d rented several!

NYC Photo Booth Rental For Proms and Other School Events

More and more schools are seeing that photo booth rentals can provide innocent entertainment for proms, graduation parties, Valentine’s Day dances, and other school-sponsored events. Talk to your PTA or PTO about renting photo booths for NJ, CT, or NYC area school events. You’ll quickly see why prom photo booth rentals have become so popular with students and parents alike!



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