Rent a NYC Photo Booth for Your Bar Mitzvah

Rent a NYC Photo Booth for Your Bar Mitzvah


Do you want to have a one-of-a-kind Bar Mitzvah celebration? Are you looking for a way to make your son’s Bar Mitzvah stand out from the rest? We have some great ideas that can help you be creative when you are planning your son’s Bar Mitzvah. What could be easier than having entertainment and party favors all in one? Photo booths can do that for your son’s Bar Mitzvah. Find out party planning tips and how to rent a NYC photo booth for your Bar Mitzvah.


Bar Mitzvah Celebration Ideas


The first item up for debate is choosing a fun theme. For a Bar Mitzvah, you do not want to choose a theme that is too juvenile. Your son wants to feel like he is a man. Here are some fun themes


  • Casino
  • Decade theme
  • Football team theme
  • Basketball team theme
  • Baseball team theme
  • World series theme
  • Super bowl theme
  • Holidays (New Year’s Eve, Purim or Chanukah)
  • Masquerade
  • Favorite music group



Entertainment for Your Bar Mitzvah


If you want the guests at your son’s Bar Mitzvah to enjoy themselves, it is important that you have the right entertainment. For music, think about a live band that does covers of popular songs. Your son may also like to have a DJ instead. Another trendy idea is to rent a photo booth. The guests at the Bar Mitzvah will be able to take photo favors home from the celebration. This also helps you cover entertainment and favors at the same time. Let’s face it, finding appropriate party favors that everyone will enjoy is a hard task. Everyone from young children all the way up to adults can enjoy fun party favors from a photo booth at your son’s Bar Mitzvah.


Rent a NYC Photo Booth


Are you ready to make your son’s Bar Mitzvah great? Ovation Photo Booth Rental has a wide selection of high quality photo booths. Involve your son in choosing a photo booth that will fit their Bar Mitzvah group. Contact us to rent a NYC photo booth for your Bar Mitzvah.


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