Rent an NYC Photo Booth for Your Corporate Holiday Party

Rent an NYC Photo Booth for Your Corporate Holiday Party

Corporate parties are an amazing way to connect with the employees that you work with but do not have time to socialize with. Winter holidays are so fun for hosting your corporate party. This is a time you can show the employees how much you appreciated them this year and give them a treat by providing dinner and entertainment for them at the party. One idea that might fit your party this year is to rent an NYC photo booth for your corporate holiday party.

Corporate Holiday Party Planning Ideas

Planning a party for a large group can get overwhelming. At Ovation Photo Booth rental, we have some tips that can help you plan this year’s party stress free.

  1. Use ideas that worked last year
    1. You don’t always have to change up the location, food or music. If the idea worked last year and people were pleased, go with the same ideas this year.
  2. Choose food that pleases everyone
    1. If you are having dinner provided at your corporate party this year, choose foods that will please everyone.
    2. Select one or two meat entrees and one vegetarian entrée.
    3. Pick several appetizers that are hot and at least two that are cold.
    4. Fresh foods with dip are always a great idea.
  3. Don’t go overboard
    1. Simple ideas for venue, music and food are the best.
  4. Choose appropriate entertainment that will please the crowd

NYC Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment

As we mentioned above, you want to choose entertainment that is both suitable for adults and appropriate. The last thing you want to do is offend your employees with inappropriate entertainment choices. A photo booth can be an excellent choice for your corporate holiday party. It can be a way to let the employees cut loose and enjoy making funny keepsake photo favors. You can also keep a scrapbook or photo CD to share the following year at the next holiday party.

Rent an NYC Photo Booth

There is no better company in the NYC area to rent a photo booth from than Ovation Photo Booth Rentals. We pledge to provide you and your guests with quality service and friendly attendants to help make this year’s holiday party memorable. Contact Ovation to rent an NYC photo booth for your corporate holiday party.

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