Summer Party Ideas (Our Number One Suggestion: Westchester Photo Booth Rental)

Summer Party Ideas (Number One Suggestion: Westchester Photo Booth Rental)

Throwing a party in the summer is a great way to get people together and enjoy the weather. When you have a summer party, you want to have the hottest theme, the tastiest food and the most unique option for entertainment. When you think of summer party ideas, remember the number one suggestion: Book a Westchester photo booth rental.

Summer Party Ideas: Decorating Themes and Food

When you plan your summer party, think about what venue your party will be held at. Depending on whether your party is at a garden, pool, park or your own back yard, you will need to plan accordingly for decorations, food and entertainment.

These hot decorating and food themes can make your party wonderful.

  1. Beach theme
    1. Have a fire pit for your beach fire (marshmallows for dessert)
    2. Beach balls for the pool
    3. Volleyball game
    4. Bocce ball fun
    5. Pina coladas
    6. Fresh fruit
    7. Tiki bar theme
      1. Lots of great tiki torches
      2. Exotic mixed cocktails
      3. Colorful flower arrangements
      4. Island themed kabobs
      5. Grilled fruit and vegetables
      6. Christmas in July
        1. Have your guests wear a Christmas themed outfit
        2. Christmas cookies
        3. Spiced cider
        4. Snow cones
        5. Christmas lights around the trees
        6. Home on the range
          1. Hamburger, steak and chicken grill out
          2. Baked beans
          3. Plaid picnic table cloths
          4. Bandanas for the guests
          5. Horseshoe toss game

How About a Westchester Photo Booth Rental?

Choosing a theme to fit your event is a great start to having the best summer party. The next thing to decide is what type of recreation or entertainment you will have for your guests.  A photo booth is a new trend in party entertainment. It will allow your guests to make their own fun party favors and help you commemorate the party at the same time.

Summer Party Ideas: Book a Westchester Photo Booth Rental

If you select a photo booth for your party, contact Ovation Photo Booth Rental for all your photo booth needs. Our professional team will help your summer party shine.  Let us help you with your summer party ideas with our number one suggestion: Book a Westchester photo booth rental.


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