Why NY Wedding Photo Booth Rentals Is The Hottest 2012 Wedding Trend

Why NY Wedding Photo Booth Rentals Is The Hottest 2012 Wedding Trend

Have you seen the 2011 smash hit movie Bridesmaids? The opening screen for the movie depicts the cast in photo booth photo strips (watch the changing photos – they’ll make you laugh out loud). Why did the producer of Bridesmaids choose this? Because photo booth rentals is the current hottest wedding reception trend.

Celebrities Leading The Wedding Photo Booth Rental Trend

Did you know celebrities all over the country have been renting photo booths for events? The hot trend of photo booth rental has been picked up by event planners around the country. Top notch event planners have rented photo booths for all kinds of events—from sales celebration for corporations to birthday parties and premier parties for movie stars and reality television celebs. Celebrities are especially fond of renting photo booths for their wedding receptions.

Why are celebrities renting photo booths? Because a photo booth adds an element of whimsy to any event, no mater how upscale or classy. It’s a way to let down your hair and tell your guests it’s okay to have fun even at this formal event.

Need Inspiration For Your Wedding Reception?

Rent Bridesmaids and watch that opening screen. The photos they show at the beginning of the movie will make you want a photo booth at your wedding so you can record all the funny, endearing and even ridiculous photos of your family and friends. Make sure you equip your guests with props and inspiration for a fun and memorable time. You may need to coax your shy guests and family members into the booth, but the pictures you’ll get will be well worth it!

When you rent a photo booth for your wedding, you’ll get:

  • Funny photos
  • Sweet photos
  • Photos you’d never get anywhere else
  • Candid moments
  • Ridiculous poses
  • Memorable combinations of guests
  • Lots of laughs
  • Pictures of guests interacting in memorable ways

How Will A Wedding Photo Booth Rental Improve Your Wedding Experience?

You can use these photos as party favors, place settings, book marks, thank you cards, memory DVDs, slideshow pictures and scrapbook or memory book photos.

Consider a Long Island photo booth rental for your wedding reception. Guests will remember your wedding photo booth rental with fondness as they recall funny poses and memorable moments with the bride and groom.

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